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Whether you are a seasoned professional in the geospatial field or just beginning, don’t miss SimActive webinar on how to meet evolving photogrammetric accuracy standards. The webinar will be hosted by Eric Andelin, CP, Senior Workflow Specialist at SimActive and guest speaker Bill Johnson, CP, CMS, at DAS Geospatial. Choose the session that best fits your time zone: https://hubs.ly/Q01Pwcvf0

SimActive have been leading experts in photogrammetry for 20 years. Based on their innovative computer vision research, SimActive offers the Correlator3D mapping solutions. DAS Geospatial has been providing expert aerial photogrammetric services since 1977.

Meeting Photogrammetric Accuracy Standards

Accuracy standards are crucial in promoting consistency, reliability, and quality in the geospatial data we deliver. However, standards do, on occasion, need updating.

In photogrammetry, improvements in hardware and software used to acquire, capture, and process data for both surveying and mapping have led to new standards in accuracy. Join Bill Johnson, Certified Photogrammetrist and Certified Mapping Scientist with DAS Geospatial and Eric Andelin, Certified Photogrammetrist and Senior Workflow Specialist at SimActive, while they discuss how these changes affect the mapping business and the deliverables we create (DEMs, orthomosaics) – and explain how Professionals can continue to meet these standards as they change.

Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:

  • What is an accuracy standard?
  • How is a well-accepted standard such as ASPRS defined?
  • How does new technology affect accuracy standards?
  • How are mapping deliverables validated against a standard?

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