AquaSonic Aqua Flosser Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser


Keep Your Smile Sparkling Clean with This On-the-Go Oral Care Kit

Transform your dental routine with the AquaSonic electric Water Flosser! This innovative device replaces traditional flossing with precision water streams that gently and effectively remove food and plaque. With 3 modes and 5 interchangeable jet tips, it’s personalized dental care for the whole family. Reach where brushes can’t with 360° rotary tips for braces and tight spaces. Clinically proven to cut flossing time by 90% and promote gum health.

Flossing made easy

  • Portable: Perfect for travel & everyday use
  • Waterproof: Designed to withstand water exposure
  • Easy to use: Simple operation for effortless & comfortable water flossing
  • Rechargeable battery: For continuous use without the hassle of constantly changing the battery
  • Removable water tank: Easily refill & clean the water tank for uninterrupted use

Advanced features for optimal performance

  • Dentist recommended: Trusted & endorsed by dental professionals for effective oral care
  • 3 convenient flossing modes: Customize your flossing experience based on your preference
  • 360° rotating nozzle: Reach every corner of your mouth with the rotating nozzle for comprehensive cleaning
  • Ultra-fine water stream with FreshJet technology: Experience gentle yet effective cleaning with advanced water stream technology

Travel-ready innovation

  • Designed in the USA: Crafted with precision & quality standards in the United States
  • Cordless design: Provides freedom of movement without tangling cords



The 8 Best Water Flossers for That After-the-Dentist Feeling“This Aquasonic Aqua Flosser is our best overall because it impressed us with its easy-to-operate on-off switch and how simple it was to toggle between settings mid-use. That’s because ergonomics—how comfortable the water flosser is to hold and operate—is so important, and that’s just one area where this Aquasonic model really excels. We think it is well designed, with a nice shape to the handle.”


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