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Apple Occasion CONFIRMED! However what does spring-loaded spring imply? (Video)

The official news starts today with deals as you can expect and don’t worry, we’ve got rid of the obvious as Apple is in the process of updating some of its lineups. Let’s start with the M1 MacBook Air, which is now $ 100 cheaper and leaves half a terabyte of storage for $ 1,149. If they switch to B&H for a second, they have the OnePlus Nord N10 for $ 20 off and have the entry-level model shipped for $ 280. Google Nest Audio also gets the same $ 80 discount. Well, for those of you interested in remembering the most terrifying notch in history, we’ve got you covered. The Pixel 3 XL is $ 300 cheaper, so it ships $ 500. Which doesn’t necessarily have to be screaming out for new cell phones in so many ways. Finally, the Samsung Spring deals that I know you guys love are still available. The S21 is $ 100, the S21 + 300, and the Ultra 500 if you have a trade-in device. We also have more deals on the AirPods Pro that could be updated in a week, Logitech peripherals which are my favorite, Chromebooks, and more in the description

Let’s move on to NVIDIA as we are currently running a chip shortage and the company made a ton of announcements yesterday. Probably the most interesting thing is that they will be returning to make ARM based processors, which I know is confusing since they are making the chip for the Nintendo Switch. In any case, this is referred to as NVIDIA Grace, but it’s not for everyone unless you plan on buying an AI data center someday. However, they also announced that they are partnering with MediaTek to “create a reference platform that supports Chromium, Linux and NVIDIA SDKs”. Basically, by creating this SDK, you can potentially bring GeForce RTX graphics to Chromebooks. MediaTek CEO mentions that this partnership will also bring GPU acceleration to the ARM PC ecosystem, which will improve the performance of these gaming and content creation machines, while NVIDIA claims they are “a new class of notebooks.” with ARM technology ”. based CPU and an NVIDIA RTX GPU. So yes, we will keep you updated on any announcements they make in the future as this combination is far more interesting in our book. This time around, let’s turn the spotlight on Samsung for a couple of segments, starting with the. You have to admit that the S20 FE that Samsung launched last year was probably one of its most successful products. I’m not saying it was the best, but it was proof that just enough flagship features at an aggressive price point can even give OnePlus a run for its money. We thought the S21 would fill in these shoes this year, but no. Apparently there will be an S21 fan edition. These new pictures are from OnLeaks and show the S21 FE in a “Pacific Blue” -like colorway, if you know what I mean. It brings a glass back panel, but it will supposedly still bring a metal frame. A 6.4-inch Infinity-O display that is slightly larger than the normal S21 awaits you on the front. On the back, we also have the same triple camera setup we got with the S21, but it will most likely bring downgraded lenses to bring the price down. We don’t have a lot of information on what specs to expect, but the price is supposedly going to be somewhere around $ 700, which is why I’m saying the S21 appeared to be. We will see. Let’s talk more about the Samsung, but up to the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its camera. Note what time it is and no Galaxy Note rumors. That definitely just reminds us that the next flagship is definitely a year away. Last year, Apple introduced sensor-stabilizing image stabilization with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is actually the stabilization in the body that we currently have with mirrorless cameras like the A7SIII that I am using for this video. Well, it looks like Samsung is adopting this very technology as well. A new report from the Galaxy Club said, “Samsung is experimenting with technology for one of the upcoming phones. The report doesn’t specifically mention the S22 Ultra, of course, but otherwise the only lead candidate would be the Z-fold 3 if they skipped the note, and the Z-fold has never been about cameras at Ultra. If you don’t know how this technology works, basically the entire sensor will move when the accelerometer detects shaky hand movements. This is not only for video stabilization, but also for sharper photography when you are taking still photos on the go. We’re not entirely sure if this is all of the potential partnership Samsung is alleged to have with Olympus as their Micro Four Thirds cameras include it. Let’s see how it goes in the end, because the S21 Ultra has already proven to be one of the best cameras of the year. And finally, and I’m finally going to be saying a lot in this segment, let’s talk Apple for the hottest news today. Last night we had a leak from none other than Siri. If you asked her when Apple’s next event was going to take place, she would let you know April 20th, but there were no invitations and Apple’s website showed nothing. Well, after countless missed leaks and speculation, we have an official invitation to an event titled “Spring Loaded” on April 20th at 10am Pacific Time. And with the amount of products we’re expecting, it actually sounds loaded. After a quick recap, we expect AirTags to finally be released after nearly two years of leaks. We should get new iPad pros with mini LED displays, as well as an iPad mini with a larger display on a similar case. I would also really love it if this iPad mini Pro becomes a reality here, but the rumors seem so far-fetched. Another product that may not be used at this event is the third generation AirPods. According to reports, they will go into production by the third quarter, even if the black market has the leaked design up for sale. Finally, the redesigned iMac could show up here too, and that could also mean we’re getting some new Apple Silicon chips, but with the chip shortage, who knows. Of course we are only speculating here, but which Apple products are you waiting for?

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