Apellix on the Drone Radio Present Podcast

Robert Dahlstrom is founder and CEO of Apellix, a software-driven aerial robotics company that creates cutting-edge robotics platforms for precision painting, coating, cleaning, and testing, making hazardous jobs safer by removing the risks of personal harm. Apellix’s technology enables pressure cleaning and special coatings to be applied to large infrastructure assets like highway bridges, water towers, oil rigs, and battleships, saving tax dollars and private expenditures while extending the life of assets.

Apellix also provides technology for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) at an unprecedented level. Using Apellix NDT aerial platforms, cruise ship owners, Navy battleship commanders, or state departments of transportation can collect 1,000 readings on a surface where, in the past, only 10 or 20 readings could be taken.

Robert has six fully granted US patents and has received numerous engineering, invention, and teaching awards. He has also published over 50 papers and articles, spoken at multiple conferences, events, and podcasts, and is an author of a chapter on Robotic NDE Inspection in “The Handbook of NDE 4.0.” Robert is an FAA-certified drone pilot, a business mentor for “Startup Quest,” “Startup Weekend by Google for Entrepreneurs,” and a volunteer at startup accelerators.

In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Robert talks about how Apellix’s revolutionary drones are making it safer and more efficient to complete hazardous jobs, including painting and coating, pressure cleaning, and non-destructive testing.

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