Android 12 is right here! Here is what’s NEW! (Video)

The latest M1 MacBooks, iPad Pros, and other Apple devices are available for sale

Apple’s newest M1 Mac minis, iPad Pros, and more devices are available for sale today

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 are on sale today

And you know how to do it, the official news starts with deals today. Starting with the new M1 MacBook Pro. Amazon currently has the entry-level model for $ 100 off, which means it costs $ 1200, but you’ll have to go for the silver variant as Space Gray is only $ 75 off. Check out my video on why silver is my favorite. However, if you go for 512GB of storage, both variants have the $ 100 discount. If you’re looking for a desktop, the M1 Mac Mini is a cool $ 69 discount, which means it starts at 600 but the discount lasts until checkout. Amazon also has the OnePlus 8T, which is a pretty solid deal for $ 60 off, with the entry-level variant shipping for $ 689. If you’re looking for a new monitor, the LG Ultra Fine Ergo Display, which I love, is $ 53. It’s priced at $ 645, and yes, it’s 4K. Finally, the 11-inch iPad Pro is also 50 off, so the Wi-Fi and Cellular and 256 GB storage model ship for 999. For more deals on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, check out Trade-In, Other LG Monitors, Alienware Laptops, and more at the links below.

Another Huawei Mate X2 teaser suggests a design that folds inward

Let’s put the spotlight on Huawei as we know the P series isn’t the only one we’re waiting for. In the past few weeks, the company has been vexing the Mate X2, which is due to hit the market in China on February 22nd. Now we have a new teaser picture from the company showing a clock with the phone being the hands, and you can definitely tell that this is an inward flip display, meaning it looks different from the Galaxy Z. Fold 2 We have with the Mate X and the Mate XS. According to the leaks, the Mate X2 will have a 6.45-inch external display as well as an 8.01-inch main display. When it comes to the cameras, we should expect a quad setup on the back with a 50MP primary, 16MP, 12MP, and 8MP shooter. Apparently there is no selfie camera on the main display, but there is a dual camera on the cover display. This phone is powered by the Kirin 9000 and a 4400 mAh battery. We’ll see what the company is announcing, I mean it looks interesting. I just hope we could get it on this side of the pond.

LG could help Apple with its upcoming foldable iPhone

Let’s move on to Cupertino for a couple of segments, starting with the foldable segment, which has gained a lot of traction lately. We expect this phone to hit the market sometime in 2023 or later, but it looks like Apple is already heavily invested in this phone. Apple is getting help from LG developing the foldable display, according to a new report from DigiTimes. This does not mean that LG will supply the panels as we know that Apple’s main supplier for OLEDs is Samsung. According to previous rumors, they will supply these flexible panels and have already sent you several samples. The report claims that LG would assist Apple with these developments without specifying exactly what role they would play. If you haven’t been watching lately, we expect this “iPhone Flip” to compete with the RAZR and Z Flip by bringing in a clamshell design. Some sources claim that we should expect a 7-inch panel with Apple Pencil support, but according to other sources like Prosser, we will get several bright color options that are meant to be marketed more for a youthful audience. So yes, we are still very far, but rumors keep coming up.

The Apple patent suggests the idea of ​​Face ID or Touch ID on the screen

Let’s talk about Apple again, but this time we will focus on iPhones and FaceID which are currently unusable until we get iOS 14.5. Now we know Apple worked to get FaceID under the display because we know the industry is doing just that. Now we have a new patent in which Apple is considering incorporating photodetectors into thin film transistor backplanes. “I know this was a handful, but basically they say that even if the display is showing images, they can also contain sensors that sense different environments. These sensors would be configured differently as a biometric sensor, camera, or depth sensor that is likely used to generate images, depth maps, or even video clips in accordance with the patent. And I think we all know where this is going. Most of the patents, however, concern the question of how this photodetector could be incorporated into the display so that it would have to be attached to an organic photosensitive material. The bottom line is that the patent mentions that you’d be looking at the display with the camera under the display, without the phone getting thicker and without getting full FaceID functionality. And as we said yesterday, this is only a patent so it could happen soon, it could happen in years, or it might not happen at all. Hey, at least a minor notch is a step in the right direction.

Android 12 out now. Read the full rollout schedule and compatibility details

And for the hottest news today, we’re talking about Google and Android 12 because yes, it’s finally that time again. Like last year, Google has just launched the developer preview for Android 12, which of course is currently limited to pixels. Apparently, for this preview, Google is focusing on “new tools to give users great experiences”. Features include smoother transitions in the operating system, a new design and layout for notifications. Alerts are optimized to open faster and to deviate from older notification methods. It will now be easier to paste pictures, videos and other content from the clipboard or keyboard. They also add native AVIF and HEVC support, and we even hear of an immersive mode for video playback. Google also optimizes audio, which means that for new apps, the haptics match the audio playback. This will give you better gaming experiences, custom vibrations for contacts, and more. Probably the biggest changes we expect here are privacy. Now you can know if your camera or microphone is us. You can turn these off and a lot more to suit Apple’s strategy and improve them in some ways. These are just general functions, of course, and we should know more as soon as the preview sets in.

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