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All Google Pictures customers are getting the Pixel 8’s AI picture modifying options on this free replace

The Pixel 8 series landed at the end of 2023, as Google’s latest flagship smartphones. Headlining the range was a slew of new AI photo editing photos. Best Take, Magic Editor and Video Boost let you adjust your photos with the tap of a button. You can get your snaps to look their best with not editing know-how required. But these features are set to roll out to anyone that uses the Google Photos app in a free update.

Google Photos is doling out this treasure trove of AI photo editing tools, previously the exclusive playground of Pixel phone aficionados and those willing to shell out for a Google One subscription. Now, they’re flinging open the doors to everyone in a free update.

At the heart of this suite of photo editing tools is Magic Editor, an AI wizard that can transform your dreary holiday snaps into envy-inducing masterpieces. It can tweak a grey sky to a vivid blue, give photobombers the boot, and even reposition your sulking teenager to centre stage, all with a few taps. This kind of magic used to require a wand named Photoshop and a hefty sprinkle of patience. Not anymore. The rest of the AI photo editing tools – including the crowd-pleasers like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and a bunch of other snazzy features are on the way as well. The crème de la crème, like the AI-powered Best Take, will remain reserved solely for the Pixel 8 series.

But before you start planning a photoshoot in your garden, there are a few hoops to jump through. This whole ensemble won’t start its parade until May 15, and even then, it’s going to meander its way to users over a few weeks. Also, don’t expect your ancient tech relics to suddenly become photo-editing powerhouses. There’s a minimum spec requirement. Chromebooks need to be running ChromeOS version 118+ with at least 3GB of RAM, while smartphones must be on Android 8 or higher, or iOS 15 or higher. Pixel tablets are joining the party too.

But there’s one more kicker for the rest of us with iOS and Android devices. You only get 10 Magic Editor saves a month. Want more? That’ll require opening your wallet for a Premium Google One plan.

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