9″ Wi-fi Automotive Show with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Compatibility & Telephone Mirroring


Make each drive fun and safe with this 9″ Wireless Car Display. This car stereo features a stunning 1024×600 FHD display screen that provides an immersive and broader viewing experience. It’s also equipped with a 1080p rear camera and a 64GB TF card allowing you to play music and videos. The touchscreen car stereo can be adjusted to the appropriate brightness according to your needs, protecting your eyes and making driving safer.

With Apple CarPlay or Android Auto support, you can access your smartphone’s apps, maps, music, videos, and other features, as well as voice control of the screen using Siri or Google Assistant. The stereo also has Bluetooth, AUX, and FM transmission for clear and authentic sound. It features intelligent real-time GPS navigation and a mirror link function for Android and iOS devices. The installation process is easy and it is compatible with all car models.

  • 1024×600 FHD display screen: Provides an immersive & broader viewing experience
  • 64GB TF card: For playing music & videos
  • Touchscreen: Can be adjusted to the appropriate brightness according to your needs
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto: Access your smartphone’s apps, maps, music, videos & other features, as well as voice control of the screen using Siri or Google Assistant
  • Intelligent real-time GPS navigation: Synchronize the GPS navigation of your latest smartphone in real-time without frequent updates
  • Bluetooth/AUX/FM transmission: Uses 82W speakers to ensure clear & authentic sound
  • 1080p rear camera: Automatically switches to the rear view when reversinng & displays the image on the touch screen, make reversing easier
  • Compatible with all models: Powered by a wide voltage cigarette lighter with a voltage of 12V~24V, which is suitable for all cars
  • Mirror link function: Sync your phone’s video app, play YouTube & other videos, etc.
  • Easy to install: 2 kinds of monitor base: can be fixed to your center console with a suction lock or to the windshield with a powerful suction cup and then adjusted to the height and length according to personal visual habits, plug and play, saving a lot of time and installation costs


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