Scooters And One Wheels

The scooter firm Bolt is planning new security applied sciences to be used by visually impaired individuals

Bolt, the e-scooter and taxi app operator, plans to add new safety technologies to its e-scooters for use near the visually impaired, ahead of a possible launch in Ireland.

The € 4 billion company held a workshop with the National Council for the Blind in Ireland (NCBI) to explain the hardware changes it was making, including how the e-scooter made noise to warn pedestrians when it turned approaching.

“We tested a number of solutions for scooter safety functions specifically for the visually impaired. We are working on adding ambient noise as scooters are quite quiet and difficult to hear, ”said Dmitri Pivovarov, Global Director of Rentals at Bolt.

“We tested a few variations of the noise, intermittent tone, constant tone. We will introduce this to all of our scooters. “

Chantelle Smith, Access Manager at NCBI, said: “With the upcoming establishment of public shared e-scooter programs in several Irish cities and the widespread use of private e-scooters, it is critical that NCBI highlight how their use is impacting Affects people who are blind or visually impaired. “

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