Scooters And One Wheels

The police ship to remove after the scooter driver is trapped beneath a department


olice was delivering takeaway after a delivery driver was knocked off his scooter by a branch that fell on him.

The worker was trapped under a bike with a badly broken arm in Banstead, Surrey Friday night.

After an ambulance took the injured driver to the hospital, Sergeant Chris Schultze delivered the food to the customer’s address for him.

The squad’s street police exposed the drama in a series of tweets and added the hashtag “Service”.

They added, “One of our controllers stayed on the line with the driver as he waited for our arrival.

“He was a little unsure of where he was exactly. Trapped under his scooter, he was in great pain and pitch black.

“But he was reassured that the controller #hiddenhero help came.”

Members of the public praised the officers on Twitter – and joked about the situation when they realized the driver would make a full recovery.

Andy Batchelor wrote, “Well done folks, but I’m still waiting for you to deliver my curry.”

Another said, “Can I order a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, please?”

Steve Wilson asked, “Did you get a tip?” to which the officers quickly replied “no”.

Russell Whelan tweeted, “I bet customers got a shock. When you order pizza, you get two coppers on your doorstep. ”

One woman named Jo added, “Well done everyone involved. That goes far beyond that. I hope he recovers quickly. ”

When asked by social media users, police confirmed that their insurance “covers any purpose our role requires,” and said no tip was received for delivering the package of soup, which Sgt Schultze did on foot.

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