The FAA UAS Symposium: Mark Your Calendars!

The FAA and AUVSI will jointly host the FAA UAS Symposium again this year, at two informative sessions in June and September. Mark your calendars for Episodes III and IV June 9-10, 2021 and September 14-15, 2021.

Register now for the opportunity to hear from industry experts and US and international aviation authorities on the topics that matter most to the drone ecosystem this year. Changes in hobbyist drone operations and other policies and regulations, ”the FAA announcement read.

“Drones. Here for Good ”was the theme of the FAA UAS Symposium last year: drone programs for public safety, UTM, global standards and the integration pilot program (IPP) are the focus of the program.

This year, from June 9-10, Episode III will “focus on international operations, STEM, public safety operations, recreational drone operations, and commercial drone operations,” according to the FAA. “Episode IV is scheduled for September 14-15 and focuses on UAS traffic management, technology, the BEYOND program, advanced air mobility, and international operations.”

The symposium is a unique opportunity for the drone industry to connect directly with representatives from the FAA to ask questions and trade information – something that will help both government and industry drive new initiatives. “Each episode will include keynote presentations, expert panels, guided and unguided network discussions, one-on-one meetings with experts at the FAA UAS Support Center, and briefing sessions with live questions and answers,” the description reads.

Further information on the program and registration can be found on the symposium website.

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