Stretch & Restoration Equipment: 6-Piece Dwelling Health Set


This Stretch & Recovery Kit is the ideal home gym equipment you will ever need! The kit includes everything you need to get down to business. With a comfortable anti-slip TPE lining yoga wheel and elastic resistance bands, it’s as beautiful as it is functional. The durable & soft material is perfect for any kind of exercise you want to do at home and can even be used for group classes if you have enough clients. So grab your full-body workout gear from Target, and start your fitness regimen with this Stretch & Recovery Kit!

Yoga Wheel

  • Comfortable anti-slip TPE lining. Aids in stretching that helps improve flexibility
  • Stretch & ease. Eases stiffness in the spine while addressing posture and improving balance

Yoga Ring

  • For full body flexibility Offers low to moderate resistance that strengthens your core and other muscle groups
  • Relief. For sore, stiff muscles; perfect for pre or post workout
  • Soft density. Targets a wide range of muscle groups
  • Durable & ultra-resistant. Gives you ultimate comfort as well as easy cleaning maintenance

Resistance Straps

  • Additional workout tool. Can easily be incorporated into any workout for strength training
  • Polyester, cotton & latex blend. Makes for an extra sketchy, super durable set of resistance bands that withstand hundreds of workouts

Massage Ball

  • 360 spinner roller ball. Provides a manual massage to target knots & muscle soreness across your body


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