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Samsung is launching sustainable circumstances for the Galaxy S21 + in collaboration with Kvadrat

Samsung has taken the step of not including power supplies in the Galaxy S21 series packaging for environmental reasons. In practical terms, it may not sound very helpful to the environment, but the company doesn’t stop there. Samsung is launching environmentally friendly cases for its latest Galaxy S21 + smartphone. The latest development advances Samsung’s collaboration with the premium textile brand Kvadrat. The two brands have developed mobile accessories that promote upcycling and sustainable production methods.

“As part of its commitment to changing people’s lives for the better, Samsung is constantly looking for ways to give users more opportunities to make environmentally conscious choices,” Samsung wrote on its blog. The latest cases, developed in collaboration with Kvadrat for the Galaxy S21 +, are made with upcycled materials and sustainable production methods.

“These versatile hooks are a great way to enhance your style by attaching your favorite jewelry or accessories to the strap of your phone case,” says Samsung. In addition, the packaging of these cases is made entirely of paper, unlike traditional cardboard packaging which often contains plastic products. The case frame contains at least 20 percent recycled post-consumer content.

Samsung’s latest case for the Galaxy S21 + is made from upcycled plastic bottles. This helps reduce the amount of PET bottles left in landfills. Samsung says the bottles will be melted down and reused from yarn, which is then used to make the cases. Furthermore, the plastic inside the case was made to reduce waste by using environmentally conscious post-consumer materials (PCM). It consists of resin with a recycled content of at least 20%.

For the stranger, Kvadrat is a company deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and has received Ecolabel certification from the European Union – a certification known for its rigorous assessment criteria.

The new case is available in two color options: gray and purple for $ 34.99.

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