QC 3.Zero USB Wall Adapter


The QC 3.0 USB Wall Charger is fully compatible with the AirUnleashed and optimizes power transfer between your smartphone and other devices. It safely delivers up to 18W of power which can be used for fast charging of your Apple devices in 9V/2A or 18W using a 9V/1.5A charger plug. With its optimized output, you will benefit from the full capacity of the AirUnleashed.

  • Smart charging. Distributes the correct amount of power per device
  • QC3.0 fast charging. Lets you charge your device up to 10W
  • Durable. Built with layers of protection to guarantee safety in every continuous use
  • Travel-friendly. You can carry it with you as you travel by plane, car, train, or bus


  • The AirUnleashed requires a QC 2.0 or higher charger with an output current of minimal 2A at 5V (10W)
  • The default iPhone Adapter has a maximum output of 5W and is therefore not compatible with the AirUnleashed
  • Use the iPad Adapter or another third-party charger that has a 2A charging port


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