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Matternet M2 Drone Delivery System First to Achieve FAA Type Certification

Matternet M2 Becomes First Non-Military Drone in US to Achieve FAA Type Certification

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M Crosby

Today, leading commercial drone delivery system developer Matternet announced that its Matternet M2 drone has been granted Type Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The M2 is the first ever non-military unmanned aircraft to receive Type Certification in the US, providing Matternet with an edge in the drone delivery market. The completion of the FAA’s thorough evaluation process showcases the M2’s safety and reliability, a milestone for scaling US commercial drone operations.

“We are incredibly proud that Matternet M2 has met the very rigorous safety standards of the FAA and is the first drone delivery system to be Type Certified in the United States,” said Matternet founder and CEO Andreas Raptopoulos. “Drone delivery will revolutionize healthcare and e-commerce in the US. We’ve been at the forefront of this revolution since launching US operations in 2019 — we are now ready for scale.”

Alongside a select number of UAS, the Matternet M2 has been operating under the FAA’s Part 135 – a framework for revenue on-demand air carrier operations – for the past four years, relying on an exemption during the systems’ evaluation. The introduction of a Type Certification will streamline the implementation of new networks and acquisition of approvals. In addition, air carrier operating licenses like Part 135 on-demand transportation are only able to use Type Certified aircraft.

“This is a victory for not only Matternet, but for the whole UAS industry as it indicates a maturing of the industry and a shift away from exemptions and waivers towards more standard regulation,” said Matternet VP of regulatory strategy Jim O’Sullivan. “Matternet would like to thank the FAA, as well as our advisors at End State Solutions.”

The FAA’s intensive evaluation process enforces strict requirements on the aircraft’s design and documentation, with tests conducted over an exhaustive range of conditions over thousands of flights. By completing this process, the M2 drone has proven itself to be airworthy and eligible for commercial delivery operations within the US.

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