Scooters And One Wheels

Man who drives scooter undresses, flashes lady on DND trajectory

The woman stopped, noted the registration number of the defendant’s scooter and alerted the police (Representative Image). | Photo credit: iStock Images

Key highlights

  • On Thursday afternoon, a man is said to have attacked a woman on the DND flight path
  • The man claimed he was urinating when the woman saw him

Noida: A man allegedly assaulted a woman on the Delhi-Noida Direct (DND) flyway on Thursday afternoon. The defendant allegedly undressed and glared at the woman who was sitting in her car.

The defendant was identified as Noyal Wilson. The woman lives in Noida. The defendant was on a two-wheeler while the defendant was in a car at the time of the incident.

The woman noted the registration number of the accused’s scooter

The defendant allegedly turned to the woman and flashed her when the two were about a kilometer from the DND toll booth. The woman stopped, noted the registration number of the defendant’s scooter, and alerted the police.

The defendant said he was urinating

However, the defendant alleged that he stopped to urinate on the overpass route, reported The Times of India.

The defendant was booked under Section 354B (Attacking or Using Criminal Violence Against Women with the Intent to Undress) and 509 (Word, gesture or act intended to offend a woman’s modesty), any word, sound, or gesture or anything Any object that intends this word or sound to be heard or seen by this woman, or invades that woman’s privacy, is punishable by simple imprisonment for a period of up to one year or a fine or both) of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC ).

Rakesh Singh, SHO of Sector 20, said Noyel is a chartered accountant for a company and claimed he was urinating when the woman saw him. He also claimed that he did not purposely flash the woman. The defendant was arrested after the complaint was filed and the woman was called to the police station on Sunday to record her testimony.

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