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GoPro Hero9 Black Evaluation | stuff

Thanks to a sensor with a resolution of 23.6 MP, the Hero9 Black records 5K videos – sharper than most top smartphones and DSLRs. That means crystal clear HyperSmooth 3.0 footage, the screenshots of which look like crisp photos, provided there isn’t too much motion blur.

Best of all, video quality improves dynamic range and a more punchy, better looking image in most scenes. With high resolution comes great heat and the GoPro Hero9 Black can struggle to stay cool. 30 minutes of 5K exposure and ours overheated, feeling very hot.

It was also possible to shoot at 1080p for two hours and ten minutes. So if you are planning a long shoot, drop the quality and you will go golden. There are also new modes and functions.

Take the linear horizon leveling. If you’ve had a few too many and can’t see right away, start recording on your Hero9 Black and your sideways sways will look like beautifully anchored pans – a feature Hero8 Black only supports when used with the Android or iOS App is paired.

Next look back. Start this function and the Hero9 Black can step back in time. Hit Record to capture the five seconds before the button is pressed – and assuming it’s on and ready for action, missed moments could be a thing of the past.

You can’t talk about GoPro without talking about HyperSmooth, the world famous brand stabilizer that turns your action camera into a gimbal. The Hero9 Black is at least the same as the Hero8 Black on this front, but unlike last year’s Hero, you can activate Boost at full resolution and 60 frames per second for the highest level of stable footage without loss of resolution.

Whether you’re vlogging, racing off-road, or just buckling it to your dog and hoping for a viral hit, the Hero9 Black is the bee’s knee.

Photos are captured at 20MP, and like previous GoPros, you can take standard photos, HDR, RAW, and super photos. Medium light results aren’t any better than last year’s Hero8 Black – although night mode definitely helps. However, in good light the added detail is welcome, resulting in sharper harvests.

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