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GoPro Hero8 Black Evaluation | stuff

If you look at its size and also the physics, the GoPro Hero8 Black is an idiot. You tremble, it stays silent and holds on to detail like a champion, but it’s not without its small quirks.

Up to dusk, the results look detailed and fluid at a resolution of up to 4K and 60 fps, and the ultra-wide angle takes care of everything. Use your phone in the dark.

The Hero8 Black has four artificial lenses – narrow, wide, wider, and widest – although it only has one camera module that falls within the super-wide optical focal length. Then there is HyperSmooth 2.0 with three levels of stabilization. Boost is the big dog that delves into your shot for an incredibly smooth recording – the smoothest of any cameras we’ve ever used. However, the clarity suffers a bit, so we generally left it at Standard or High.

If you are a fan of time lapse, TimeWarp 2.0 will tickle you pink. Why 2.0? It now has automatic speed detection, and GoPro’s speed increase means you can tap the screen whenever you want to slow down the time-lapse effect, keep the frame rates constant, and then speed it up again. This fast-forward stepping in and out of life creates breathtaking footage.

With GoPro’s new capture presets, anyone can take photos with their Hero8 Black. You’ll change the frame rate, resolution, and stabilization presets to make sure you’re not wasting space on your memory card and still prioritizing the footage you want.

It also broadcasts live streams at 1080p which improves the 720p resolution of the Hero7 Black, and there is also a GPS inside so you can geotag your adventures. The quality of the photos is good and the Hero8 Black can capture huge, expansive landscapes. That said, your smartphone is better off if you’re not looking for ultra-wide snaps.

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