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EE broadband routers will include Wi-Fi 7 from 2024

There are plenty of broadband options to choose from, but a lot of your internet connection relies on your router. You know, the dusty old box in the corner of the room that beams on your Wi-Fi signal? While you don’t have to touch this after it’s set up (unless things go pear-shaped), there’s some clever hardware inside that helps you get online. The latest Wi-Fi standard – version 7 – is on its way to your homes, and EE is set to bring Wi-Fi 7 broadband to you from as soon as next year.

EE and Qualcomm are teaming up to pack Wi-Fi 7 capabilities into upcoming routers that will roll out to customers. The connectivity brand wants to continue to offer customers best-in-class speeds as technology develops. Thanks to the fancy new hardware, customers will be able to access faster speeds and a more reliable connection.

Wi-Fi 7 is the latest connectivity standard for Wi-Fi. It adds support for 6Ghz connections (rather than the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz ones you might be familiar with already) to connect to more channels up to 320 MHz wide. It means there’ll be less traffic on your home connection, so you can browse faster. Other features will allow more data to be sent over multiple channels, and a more reliable connection throughout an area. Long story short, you’ll get a more stable and faster connection.

EE’s new Wi-Fi 7 Smart Hub router and accompanying broadband plans will be available from 2024. Further details will be announced closer to the launch. Marc Allera, EE CEO, explains, “EE broadband customers will be among the first globally to benefit from access to a certified next-gen Wi-Fi 7 home hub.”

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