Callaway Professional Caddie: Premium Ball Shagger & Feeder


Practicing your golf swings will never be this easier or more convenient, thanks to the Pro Caddie Premium Ball Shagger training tool. It automatically feeds one ball at a time with the simple tap of your club. It collects and holds up to 35 balls. This training aid helps golfers of all levels to slow down and focus on every swing, every angle, and every approach they’re thinking about using. The unique patented design makes it easily portable, so you can take it to the range or course. Just feed it balls, set it up, and start swinging. Once you’re out of practice balls, grab it and start picking them up. They will easily stay in place and make room for every ball you pick up. You’ll save energy for your swings when you bring this training device with you.

  • Golf ball dispenser. Allows you to take up to 35 swings without ever manually placing or lining up your golf balls
  • Easy to use. Simply tap it w/ your club to quickly & easily release a single golf ball
  • Increase focus. Eliminates the need to rush & encourages to focus on one shot at a time
  • Eliminate clutter. Designed to hold up to 35 balls securely in place & makes room for every ball you retrieve
  • Portable design. Easily transport to the range or course


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