Aerodyne acquires Sensorem to broaden the Australian drone market

Malaysia-based drone company Aerodyne Group recently announced the acquisition of Australian UAV survey company Sensorem.

The purchase allows Aerodyne to continue flying into the Australian minerals, energy, industrial and agricultural sectors. Sensorem will deploy Aerodyne’s AI-powered, end-to-end, cloud-based asset management solution, known as “Verticaliti”.

Headquartered in Perth, Sensorem is a remote sensing specialist providing asset inspection and airborne survey services using drone and sensor technology. Sensorem markets to government agencies, construction companies, utilities, research and development agencies with a focus on the mining and agriculture sectors.

“Aerodyne Group is pleased to partner with Sensorem, who has a strong base in the key pillars of the Australian economy,” said Rossi Jaafar, COO of Aerodyne Group. “We believe our ‘verticaliti’ solution suite offers tremendous opportunities in the Australian market and we look forward to working with you [Sensorem] to accelerate the next phase of growth. “

“The recent technological advances in precise air measurement, facility inspection and data analysis have enabled Sensorem to grow steadily over the past few years,” said Ed Boxall, General Manager of Sensorem.

“The next phase of Sensorem’s journey will undoubtedly benefit from this partnership with the world’s leading provider of drone-based business solutions. This enables us to leverage Aerodyne’s global presence and economies of scale and ensure that Sensorem continues to deliver an innovative and differentiated value proposition to our customers. “

By the numbers

Aerodyne employs more than 400 drone professionals and has managed more than 300,000 infrastructure assets with 110,000 flight operations measuring more than 100,000 kilometers of energy infrastructure in 32 countries.

An Aerodyne spokesperson said Sensorem’s existing management team, led by Boxall, will continue to run the company and remain shareholders in the business.

Last year, Aerodyne acquired the inspection company Measure to create a joint drone service unit called Aerodyne Measure.

In March 2019, Aerodyne received funding from the Japanese Drone Fund to expand its position in Japan and develop new air mobility technologies.

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