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IntroducingxAir Pro – the next generation of athlete recovery. This advanced Leg Recovery System gives you fresh legs faster, helping you warm up before workouts, and recover quickly after intense training and competition. Featuring a more intuitivecontrol unit, morecustomizable zones, improved battery life, a more compact design, and more recovery modes than ever.

Made to get you back on your feet-The all-in-one recovery system designed to help you recover from those big games, rigorous workouts, and long practicesessions. Even with 1 hour of use!So sit back, relax, andexperience enhanced recovery.

Highly customizable– The xAirPro now has six customizable zones, a built-in battery for traveling, a smaller and easier to use screen, more recovery modes to choose from, time settings, and pressure settings for enhanced recovery. Adjust every therapy session according to your needs for that day.

Save money– Forget spending a fortune on weekly massage visits and recover from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Improve overall health-Targeted compression designed to enhanceblood flow, improve lymphatic function, flush out lactic acid, mitigate muscle soreness, and increase mobility.


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