The Full CompTIA & IT Examination Lifetime Entry Coaching Bundle


Certified IT professionals need the right combination of skills and knowledge to deal with the changing demands of the industry.

Cramwise’s Exam Simulator bundle was designed to help you get ready for the exam. You’ll be ready to jump into the job market by featuring performance-based questions, labs, and practice tests!

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  • Access 25+ exam simulators & 40+ hours of content 24/7
  • Get to know the functions & components of computer networks
  • Perform basic to advanced levels of network & security configurations
  • Understand the different components of computer security
  • Master all the differences of Databases on AWS
  • Perform Real-World Solution Architecture on AWS
  • Explore how routing & switching technologies work in real-world environments

Exams Digest

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Exams Digest provides high-quality online training for the world’s most in-demand IT certifications such as CompTIA, Amazon, Cisco, and Google. Their materials have been designed not only to prepare you for the exams but also for interviews.


CramWise™ is a privately held company specializing in providing robust examination preparation materials used by individuals around the world.

CramWise™ Practice Exams help students prepare for Cisco®, AWS®, CompTIA® certification exams. These comprehensive exam simulations are delivered via the exclusive CramWise Exam Environment™ — the premier exam delivery system which enables students to test their knowledge and gain confidence before taking the real exam.


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