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Lego Concepts Sonic the Hedgehog Inexperienced Hill Zone is a 1,125-piece love letter to Sega from the 1990s

Players of a certain age will remember when a certain blue hedgehog stormed onto the stage in 1991. The nimble Erinaceid raced through the levels at a terrifying pace and made Nintendo’s erratic plumber appear comparatively relaxed.

The bright green landscape of the Green Hill Zone was the very first level of Sonic the Hedgehog and, with its blue skies and exciting loops, is indelibly engraved on millions of heads. And now it’s immortalized in block form.

Well, it definitely has a piece of it. We shudder to think how much a full-size brick Green Hill Zone would cost – and how much space it would take to build it. but Lego Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog ™ Green Hill Zone (£ 60 / $ 70, available Jan 1st) brings you a tree, a bridge, some green, a couple of rings, and one of those important bows.

Fun characters

You also get a selection of figures. Sonic himself has already appeared in Lego form as part of Lego Dimensions. However, the character in this set has been updated from the level pack incarnation of that game, and replaced by brick versions of Crabmeat, Moto Bug, and Dr. Eggman added.

Although the set is primarily intended as an exhibit, you can recreate the original console game in an analogous way. Dr. Eggman can burst into his Eggmobile and rush through the air while you / he laughs madly. A built-in Technic lever on the spring module lets you shoot Sonic in the air – albeit in a way that’s probably not quite as graceful as it is in the game itself.

Lego also notes in an entertaining way that the set is a “modular structure that can be connected to other architectural sets”. In addition to thumbnails of London, Paris, Tokyo, and New York, it will probably stand out like a sore thumb – but in a good way. Now all we need is Nintendo to release a Mario minifigure and Lego to inexplicably herald Lego Ideas Manic Miner and all of our brick platforming dreams will come true.

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