KODAK REELS 8mm & Tremendous Eight Movies Digitizer


Turn 8 mm and Super 8 memories into modern-day, digital films. The KODAK REELS Film Digitizer is exactly what you need to make old films into something more. Don’t leave your precious memories on old film negatives. Scan your negatives through the digitizer and let it convert old, outdated media into MPEG-4 videos. Save all your memorable content on an SD card and take it with you anywhere you go. You can even connect the micro USB cable to transfer your converted video files to your computer. Select between 8 mm and Super 8 films, adjust the exposure, clarity, or tint of the picture, and frame your film perfectly to create an efficient film-scanning experience. Make memories modern with the KODAK REELS Film Digitizer.

  • Easy to operate. Watch your films scan quickly & easily
  • High-definition imaging. Captures impressive 1080 resolution, high-quality photos
  • Fast transmission. Transfer your converted video files to an SD™ card
  • Preserve the past. Scan & save your regular 8mm & Super 8 films as digital files for viewing on a PC, smartphone, television, or similar device
  • Automated ease. Reads film at 2 frames per second, creating a digital MP4 video without any manual computing required
  • Frame-by-frame digitizing process. Captures images w/ exceptional clarity, contrast, detail & color accuracy
  • Nostalgic gift for movie lovers. Breathe fresh life into your family & friends’ dust-collecting films w/ a thoughtful present they won’t forget!


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