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Your Fitbit can now let you know what animal you might be

Fitbit has launched a new Sleep Profile feature for Fitbit Premium members to sink their teeth into. Or, rather, their fangs.

The new feature collects and crunches longer term sleep metrics to calculate trends to let you know how you fare against others in your age range and gender. After a minimum of 14 days of use, it’ll assign you an animal to represent what sleep category best describes you. If you sleep in short bursts, for example, you’re a giraffe. If you’re one of the lucky ones that manages to nod off both early and consistently, then congratulations — you’re a bear.

Beyond being assigned a cute animal, there are also five new metrics including “time before sound sleep” and “nights with long awakenings”, in addition to five pre-existing metrics like “restorative” and “deep” sleep that are now shown in a new way to highlight monthly trends.

The new feature is available for devices including the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe and Inspire 2. Rolling out on 4 July, your profile will then be updated on the first of each month, reflecting any changes in your sleep patterns that you may have undergone during the previous month.

As for how useful the new features are? Well, it depends on how much you value sleep data in the first place. Of course, you wont need an app to tell you that you’re in full giraffe mode during your week-long rave in Ibiza. Nor will it come as a surprise to see you’ve entered bear territory for the long sleep-deprived recovery when you return. But if you’re driven by numbers and find extra motivation with app-based gamification methods, then the new update could be a fun way to help you focus on better sleeping habits.

Now if you’ll excuse us, these acacia leaves aren’t going to eat themselves…

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