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Younger scooter rider who on the age of 6 “is taken into account to be the youngest dorsal fin on the planet

Athletic student Austin Terry is well on the way to breaking the Guinness World Record by becoming the youngest person to do a backflip on a push scooter at the age of six

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Austin Terry shows his impressive scooter driving skills

A talented schoolboy is well on the way to setting a world record for the youngest back flipper on a push scooter at the tender age of just six.

Adrenaline junkie Austin Terry may be young, but his skills and tricks in the skate park are powerful and the youngster from Colchester, Essex could soon be recognized for his talent.

Hoping his talents will soon be officially recognized, his proud parents have petitioned for Austin to become the youngest ever backflip on a scooter to be named a Guinness World Record holder.

Austin’s father Tom Terry said, “It’s a really exciting time for Austin. We believe he’s the youngest person in the world to do a backflip on a scooter. The youngest we’ve known so far is a boy who is six years old was old and “four months.

“A few months before Austin’s sixth birthday he landed it on a flexible Resi ramp and just 19 days after his sixth birthday he completed it on a wooden ramp.

“We’re sure he’s the youngest and people can’t believe how young he is when they see him in action. We’d love to see him officially awarded the record title.”

Austin could ride a scooter for as long as he could walk



His father takes him to skate parks around the country to train



The 37-year-old police diver added, “Austin competes in British championships and trains at every opportunity. That month, he finished sixth in the UK, despite having ridden two years under age in an under-8 competition and TJ ranks number two in the UK.

“We pack our weekends with scooter rides and travel across the UK to improve their skills and tricks at various skate parks.”

But Austin isn’t the only talent in the family, as the boy’s love of extreme sports actually comes from watching his older brother TJ, who is eight years old.

Tom added, “They are best friends and love to do it together. They both support each other so much that the sport has a very supportive community.

“TJ has technical tricks since he’s older and Austin is in awe of his big brother, he learned so much from him.”

Both Austin and TJ got their first scooters when they were toddlers, and by the age of three they comfortably fell on ramps while outing to the park with their father.

Austin fell in love with scootering after meeting his older brother TJ. had seen



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Their early start into the scooter world gave the brothers a clear head start, with Austin quickly moving from foam pits to backflipping tricks on wooden ramps, with the youngster planning to move to a concrete stage soon.

Tom explained, “To do a back flip trick, you must first practice in a foam pit, and if you are comfortable landing your bikes you can switch to a resi ramp. It’s a flexible ramp and Austin was confident of that by the age of five. “

Austin next stepped onto a wooden ramp that needs to be big enough to toss him up to complete the flip, his father said.

“It has to get the momentum, the height of the ramp is important so that you can turn. Austin needs to know he’s running at the right speed and that takes progress and time to get perfect, ”Tom continued.

“Austin was starting to spin wobbly so he tried a few tech changes and he got it.”

His parents are so proud but find it hard to see



Despite being a very encouraging father, Tom has his own fears when he sees his young son take on such daring antics.

He said, “People don’t believe their eyes when they see him turn backwards and inside I’m petrified every time, but I believe in his abilities and his confidence.

“Every ramp is different so he really has to focus when he does it. The risk is huge, but I know he’s good enough to do it. I’m so proud of both of them.”

It was Tom’s protective nature that prevented Austin from landing the backflip for the first time.

He said, “I knew he wanted to do it, and I struggled with myself to let him. When he did, I jumped in and caught him in a split second. I realized after actually doing it for it’s the first time, but in that last second I just thought I have to grab him. “

Austin has suffered a number of falls, but his father said part of Austin’s rugged character is just getting up again.

He said, “He’s a little soldier, if he falls he’ll get up and keep trying. I check him out, wipe his tears away, and encourage him to get back up and try again.

“He’s so brave, he’s taken some serious falls and we hold onto the good and the bad, that’s his progress and his path. We are all so proud of how much he achieved at such a young age.”

Mom Alix, 38, a swimming instructor, added, “I hold my breath and close my eyes when I watch one of my sons on the ramps, but their confidence and skills are incredible.”

Tom added, “We hope to have the sport in the Olympics in 2028 and to attend the Olympics would be their dream. By then, we’ve got some really exciting projects planned for the New Year and a huge opportunity in January, so check out this room. “

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