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XGIMI’s Magic Lamp 1080p projector additionally lights up the room

With so many smart home devices these days, the number of extra gadgets in your home can quickly stack up. Projector company XGIMI is hoping to resolve this pain point by combining a whole bunch of living room tech into one device.

XGIMI’s latest projector, the Magic Lamp, combines a ceiling light, short-throw projector, and wireless speaker into one device. With the new device, you’ll be able to easily turn any room into a home cinema set-up. It saves having to run wires around rooms, buy extra devices, and fit them all in. Pretty handy, huh?

First and foremost, the Magic Lamp functions as a digital projector. It boasts an impressive 0.7:1 short throw ratio, which will let you project a 100-inch picture from just 1.5m away. XGIMI promises non-destructive viewing, with a projection angle up to 32°, allowing the picture to be perfectly positioned. The Magic Lamp uses 1080p resolution, with a brightness of 1200 lumens. It’s completely wireless, meaning you’ll stream video content to the projector from your smartphone or tablet, including AirPlay.

But things don’t end there for the three-in-one Magic Lamp. The projector also packs in a 2.1 channel 28W Harman Kardon speaker system. The Bluetooth speaker system provides surround sound, with Dolby Atmos support and spatial mapping. It’s also completely wireless, making for a great speaker for your video content. Additionally, you can use the speaker by itself for audio listening.

And finally, the Magic Lamp is housed within a ceiling light. It looks just like any other ceiling light, and it acts like one, too. The light’s a 3000 lumen LED, which you can control from the accompanying app. Three gadgets in one sounds like a challenge, but XGIMI’s Elfin projector scored four stars out of five in our review. So, we’re expecting big things from the Magic Lamp.

Currently, XGIMI’s Magic Lamp is only retailing in China directly from XGIMI for £1000. However, the company made its way to IFA 2022 to show off the three-in-one projector. We’d expect the device to make its way to the rest of the world later this year, but there’s no confirmation as of yet.

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