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This is what drone delivery is supposed to do: help people get the things they need, quickly and easily.  When Google’s Wing drone delivery company set up a trial in Christianburg, VA in 2019, it may have been a novelty for some users – and Susie Sensmeier, now 84, was one of the first customers in the U.S. to receive a drone delivery.

Throughout COVID and mobility problems, drone delivery has ended up as a lifeline for Susie and her husband Paul.

Now, Wing reports: “Four years later, Susie and her husband Paul have had over 1,200 orders delivered to their front yard in Christiansburg, Virginia via Wing’s drone delivery service. We believe this sets a world record.”

“Susie and Paul, 84 and 83 years old, certainly are early adopters. But their profile is a bit different than the typical user of cutting-edge technology.Drone delivery arrived on the Sensmeiers’ doorstep at the right time. Susie has vision issues and no longer drives. Paul does drive, but drone delivery has helped them skip unnecessary trips. The couple even said the service has helped them stay in their home longer than they may have otherwise.”

The items Susie and Paul have ordered contain a record of their everyday life: playing cards, colored pencils, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sunscreen, cold medicine, COVID-19 test kits, and meals.  Average delivery time was 12 minutes and 14 seconds.

Some of their most-ordered items include:

371 hot meals from a local Mexican restaurant
210 blueberry muffins from a local bakery
107 bottles of orange juice
93 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from a local chapter.

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