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Workplace Upgrades: 13 Devices to Increase Your 9-to-5

Logitech M330 Silent Plus wireless mouse

Laptop trackpads can do the business if you work a few hours from a coffee shop, but if you’re moving your entire 9 to 5 to the home front, then you should invest in a decent mouse. Of course, the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse featured above remains a solid option, but we’re also aware that it’s a pretty expensive beast. So if your only plan is to become a remote worker until the coronavirus pandemic is under control, go for the Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse.

The affordable clicker costs around £ 30 but is usually much cheaper to find. It’s also as quiet as it gets, which helps keep the calm in your busier home, features contoured soft rubber handles for convenience, and should last 24 months on a pair of standard AA batteries. Better still, it works with your Windows, Mac, Chrome OS or Linux-based computers without any additional software – just unpack, connect the supplied nano receiver, and you’re good to go!

Kensington StudioCaddy

A cluttered desktop keeps Jony Ive up at night. If your home workplace is a shrine to Apple, honor the maker with a streamlined stack of things. This multi-device dock from Kensington houses all portable devices in the Apple ecosystem – and charges them at the same time.

Place your iPhone on the upright base, place your AirPods on the charging pad, and plug your iPad and MacBook into the docks behind it. Your phone and phones will charge wirelessly, while the 20W USB-C and 12W USB-A ports will power your tablet and laptop. These USB outlets will also work with non-Apple accessories, should you ever let such foreign objects into your Cupertino-themed office.

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