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Did you know that the words you use when you speak can shape how others perceive you? It’s fascinating how language can subtly convey your education, competence, and even your level of success. Study after study has shown that a strong vocabulary directly correlates with social status and income. And Wordela is here to help you with that!

Wordela’s AutoLearn™ uses a proprietary adaptation of the spaced repetition learning algorithm, which has been studied to help increase your retention of new information by up to 70%. Wordela takes this even further by adding step-by-step courses, flashcards, massive context, a linguistic corpus, and much more. From Smart Flashcards, custom word lists, and built-in dictionary to expert-curated lists and vocabulary courses, Wordela will help you improve your word power in no time.

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  • AutoLearn™. Tracks your understanding of each word & gives you just the right amount of exposure at the exact moment you need it
  • Smart Flashcards. Makes learning enjoyable; Smart Flashcards are customizable; learn automatically or manually
  • Custom word lists. Simply paste or type your words & Wordela automatically shows a wealth of learning information
  • Expert-curated lists. From standards-aligned lists for K12, to standardized tests, words for life success, business communication & more
  • 146,902-word built-in dictionary. Simply enter any word & watch Wordela’s features work automatically
  • Step-by-step vocabulary courses. 5 powerful vocabulary curricula with a total of 138 courses
  • Learn anywhere. Start studying on one device & continue right where you left off on the next
  • Perfect for the whole family. Access includes accounts for up to 5 users and no additional cost

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  • Advanced learning algorithm
  • Number of usage examples displayed per word: 50-60
  • Number of words: 146,902
  • Edit & add new words
  • Number of step-by-step vocabulary courses: 138 courses across 5 curricula
  • Includes 520-million-word corpus
  • Tracks & graphs your progress
  • User friendliness: latest technology as of 2023
  • Apps for Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac & Chrome OS
  • Audio pronunciations
  • Ability to create your own custom lists from any word
  • Can use ALL features of the software with your own word lists
  • Customizes learning automatically
  • Stores all word lists, progress & settings in the cloud
  • Syncs your learning across all your devices
  • Unlimited access on all your devices

Top Ten Reviews:
“Works well for students studying for tests, adults looking to improve their comprehension & those who are learning the English language.”

My Speed Reading:
“Provides scientifically-proven approaches into learning new words. Effective learning through immersion using lists, exercises, games & progress tracking is asserted.”

Speed Reading Lounge: “It is the only program that integrates the Linguistic Corpus feature. A testing module in various levels indicates your performance and statistics.”


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