Wolf & Canid Hybrid Testing Package



DNA My Dog will test for any Wolf or Coyote Hybrid in your dog and determine the breeds in your dog through a simple, at-home cheek swab. Results include a report on all of the breeds found in your dog’s DNA by percentage and a custom results certificate. This test is easy, painless, and takes less than 2 minutes with results that have 99.97% accuracy. This test is ideal for any dog owner who is curious about the breeds in their dog. It is an excellent resource for adopted and rescue dogs, shelters, veterinarians, and anyone who wants to learn or confirm the breeds in their dog.

What You’ll Discover

  • Your dog’s breed composition
  • Unique personality traits of your dog
  • Genetic health concerns
  • Predisposition to disease
  • Plus, much, much more!

How It Works

  1. Swab your pet’s cheeks with the provided sterile applicator
  2. Send in the sample with the return mailing envelope
  3. Wait for the results. The results should be emailed to you in two weeks or less


  • A custom photo certificate of the breed’s found in your dog’s genetic breed composition
  • A percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s unique DNA
  • A report on dominant breeds, personality traits, and health concerns


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