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Wiz Wi-Fi good lights can detect intruders alongside indoor safety digital camera

While smart security systems aren’t anything new, Wiz is taking a different approach with its new home monitoring system. Wiz’s system combines existing smart lights with a new indoor security camera. The Wi-Fi enabled bulbs can detect intruders based on Wi-Fi beam disruptions, while the newly released camera lets you keep an eye on things.

Arguably the most impressive feat here is the smart light intruder detection. The SpaceSensing feature turns compatible Wiz smart bulbs into what are essentially motion sensors. The Wi-Fi bulbs detect disruptions in Wi-Fi signals caused by movements, such as somebody walking past. It then sends this to the companion app as an alert for potential intruders. Thanks to some other nifty features, Wiz’s lights can help keep your home safe while you’re away. Routines and automations will help you switch the lights on when you’re not around, and you can even get them to react to motion.

The other component of Wiz’s security offering is the new indoor security camera. You’ll get 1080p recording with a 120-degree field of view. Footage can be accessed via the cloud (for up to 30 days), or locally through an SD card. This Wi-Fi security cam also offers night mode, noise alerts, movement alerts, motion zones, privacy zones, and live viewing. It’ll help you keep an eye on your home from afar.

Fancy protecting your home with Wi-Fi beams, like a certain Mission Impossible scene? Wiz’s range of smart light bulbs start from £10, and are available from a variety of different retailers such as Amazon. The new indoor security camera starts at £80/€90, and will be available from the second half of May. You’ll be able to snap up the camera and some bulbs in a €160 bundle coming in June.

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