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Withings’ newest sensible scale to measure superior physique composition

Smart scales are all beginning to get quite similar. They’ll measure your weight, some body composition numbers, and then beam it all up to your online account. But Withings wants to take smart scales to a more advanced level.

Unveiling the new Body Comp scales at IFA 2022, Withings is offering a complete body assessment. With multiple biomarkers, the scale will be able to offer a sophisticated body composition analysis you’d typically only find in a professional setting. How’s that for taking your health into your own hands?

The Body Comp smart scales pack in some spanking new sensors that improve accuracy and assess more about your body. With the scales, you’ll be able to get a full body composition measurement. This includes weight, muscle mass, fat mass, water percentage, bone mass, BMI, and visceral fat. It will also offer a cardiovascular assessment with standing heart rate and vascular age, as well as a nerve health assessment.

Withings’ latest scale is the first to measure body fat, visceral fat, vascular health, and nerve health within one device. It’s a huge step forward in giving you a better look at your body. The cardiovascular and nerve measurements will provide a look at some of your most important health factors alongside your body. The brand hopes to help users better understand risks of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Alongside the Body Comp scales, Withings is also launching the Health+ subscription service. This service will offer additional features, metrics, and details about measurements. You’ll also be able to take habit-building modules to work on healthier habits. The service will live inside the existing Health Mate app, keeping everything in one place. Health+ will be available on the Body Comp scales first, and then future devices.

Withings’ latest set of smart scales will provide one of the most in-depth looks of your health at home. The Body Comp scales will be available directly from Withings on 4 October. They’ll retail for $210 (about £180), and will also bundle in a 12-month subscription to Health+.

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