Wisk eVTOL Air Taxi Takes Flight in LA

Wisk Becomes First eVTOL Air Taxi to Fly Publicly in Los Angeles

By DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

Wisk has become the first Autonomous Air Taxi company to hold a public test in Los Angeles. The test was performed in October and demonstrated the viability of their Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle.

Wisk is a subsidiary of Boeing based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. As an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Company, it is committed to actualizing the future of aerial commuting, providing safe and accessible flights for everyone.

The eVTOL air taxi offers a commuter solution to traffic and carbon emission associated with traditional automobiles. Wisk’s newest generation air taxi is fully electric and can carry up to four passengers for a distance up to 90 miles.

The test flight was conducted at the Long Beach airport under the supervision of both local and state officials including the mayor of Long Beach, Rex Richardson. “I am proud to see the future of flight becoming a reality in Long Beach,” remarked Richardson. “Long Beach has been a leader in aviation for decades and those careers helped build and sustain the middle class here for generations. I am looking forward to working with Wisk and Boeing to create good jobs and integrating a safe, quiet, and environmentally responsible transportation option in Long Beach.”

While Wisk has performed over 1,700 test flights across the multiple generations of their eVTOL aircrafts, this was the first time the technology was tested alongside other passenger airline operations, emulating a complex, real-world commercial airport environment. Its success is a key step in making autonomous aerial taxi service a reality.

“Autonomous flight is possible today and it’s happening now in LA,” said Brian Yutko, CEO of Wisk. “Los Angeles is a target launch city for many in our industry and we are extremely proud to be the first air taxi company to fly in LA – and to have done so with an autonomous aircraft. We are fortunate to have the partnership and support of Boeing throughout the area to help build relationships and advance our mission. We are thankful to Long Beach for their ongoing partnership and support as we make safe, everyday autonomous flight a reality for Southern California, and the world.”

The eVTOL used for the test was the 5th generation model, but Wisk has already unveiled their 6th generation model with increased capabilities and additional passenger seating.

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