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WiBotic’s PowerPad Pro Enables Wireless Charging and Data Transfer for UAVs

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, charging and power optimization company WiBotic introduced PowerPad Pro, a stand-alone platform capable of integrating into any UAV storage facility.

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The platform automatically charges drones without physical connection points, all while wirelessly transferring flight data, images and video.

“PowerPad Pro enhances drone functionality for our partners working in environments where autonomous or semi-autonomous operations are a priority,” said WiBotic CEO and co-founder Ben Waters. “We designed it as a flexible solution for those who either already own and operate drones – and have their own infrastructure in place – or those who are looking for a more cost-effective option for fully autonomous operations. PowerPad Pro can be used as a stand-alone landing platform, or it can be integrated into any number of enclosures and form-factors such as trailers, sheds, or even truck beds.”

PowerPad Pro automatically begins wireless battery charging as soon as the UAV lands, removing the need for cables and connectors and providing a common landing pad platform for different sizes and types of UAVs. The platform provides power through the air, and is fully sealed to the elements. Additionally, tts programmable voltage and current serve to extend battery lifespan.

While charging, PowerPad Pro’s wireless data transfer allows UAVs to download flight and sensor data to an industrial computer located inside of the pad to be processed or automatically transmitted to a central location. Through the same wireless data link, remote operators can upload flight plans or monitor flights in real-time.

These benefits improve drone operations across various industries, including energy & utilities, construction, defense, and agriculture.

Wibotic has announced BlueHalo as the first partner for PowerPad Pro. The BlueHalo Intense Eye V2 (IE-V2) and E900 models are now available alongside WiBotic’s PowerPad Pro, supporting both charging and data offload.

“BlueHalo provides UAVs to both the commercial and defense sectors, with extensive experience in applications ranging from inspection and monitoring to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions,” said Mary Clum, Sector President and Corporate Executive Vice President of BlueHalo. “There is a growing demand for permanently deployed and remotely controlled UAVs. PowerPad Pro has given us a single, reliable tool to integrate autonomous charging and data offload capabilities into our UAV platforms, allowing us to offer new solutions and better support critical customer missions.”

Another of the PowerPad Pro’s first partners is Valmont Industries Inc. “Valmont has been working closely with WiBotic and other partners to enhance our drone inspection capabilities,” said Angi Chamberlain, Valmont’s VP of UAS Technology Solutions. “For the first time, PowerPad Pro provides a charging platform that works with any of the different UAVs we use. Remote flight plan uploads and automated sensor data downloads also allow us to perform inspections on a moment’s notice at any location where the platform is deployed.”

The PowerPad Pro will be on display at AUVSI Xponential in Denver, CO from May 8th-11th, 2023.

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