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We Had been Promised the World’s Smallest E-Scooter: After a 12 months, We’re Nonetheless Ready

Here we are, almost one full year after crowdfunding has been completed for the Blizwheel on IndieGoGo, and all we have to see from the manufacturer are some bits and pieces of aluminum, supposedly the frame for this mechanical wonder, and a photo taken off the Internet showing the stock of circuit chips that have recently been delivered to the manufacturer. At least that’s my understanding from combining over seven months of comments and updates.

Sure, a lot of what’s going on may have to do with worldwide logistical issues. But for a Chinese manufacturer to import parts from China and for them to take almost a year to be delivered is virtually unheard of. I know China is a big place, but in a year’s time, you could walk your parts from their manufacturer to your assembly lines; just saying.

However, it’s not really all dead in the water. Judging by the IndieGoGo page where all this action is unfolding, the “Project Owner,” Blizwheel Inc., is still answering messages and concerns that investors may be having. But answering an occasional concern from a lounge on some five-star hotel terrace isn’t a very hard job, and with the $260,337 raised for this project, I’m sure the bills are paid for.

Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh on the manufacturers behind this project and the speed with which they’re moving forward, but if this project does turn out to be a rug-pull, it wouldn’t be the first time we see something like this happen in a crowdfunding campaign. In truth, so many things can happen in a supply chain, in company ranks, and even major force can disrupt a project. But is this just wishful thinking? We’ll see shortly, as the new delivery date for these buggers has been set for September 2022, which is precisely eight days away.

So, what exactly is the dream we’re supposed to be holding onto? Well, the Blizwheel folding e-scooter is designed to be nothing more than the most compact EV I’ve seen. Folded, it can easily be carried under your arm, in a backpack, or even a tote bag. Once you’re ready to start moving faster than walking speed, unfold this bugger, and off you go. Simply, light, efficient, and capable.

Speaking of capability, a total of 600 watts of power is yielded by two brushless motors, one at the front and one at the rear of the Blizwheel, and together with two battery packs, riders will be looking forward to a range of 15 miles ( 24 kilometers), and a top speed of 15 mph (24 mph). With integrated lighting and a digital LED screen display, this sucker is complete.

If you wanted the Blizwheel pro, which is also the version with 600 watts of power, you’d be purchasing a 12-pound (5.5-kilogram) scooter that was able to handle up to 200 pounds (91 kilograms) of load. An IP65 rating also accompanies these buggers. But again, the main attraction is this bugger’s ability to fold into the smallest adult e-scooter ever! Come on, Blizwheel! Get this ball rolling because you promised a rather attractive, fun, and capable machine.

Again, all hope doesn’t seem to be lost as Blizwheel is still answering questions and concerns that investors may have. After exploring the questions posted over the past year, it doesn’t seem like anyone cares when their gear will be delivered, if ever. There’s a saying where I’m from, “hope perishes last,” and it means that…you should basically research the places where you put your money to use.

Nonetheless, I’d buy one if this bugger ever hits assembly lines and eventual streets. Why? Because the design we’re promised comes off as being an indispensable last-mile solution and one that’s fit for today’s modern world. Fingers and tongues crossed on this one.

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