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We are able to anticipate this from Apple’s new blended actuality headset

We have received multiple rumors and leaks about a new mixed reality headset from Apple. The latest leak gives us an idea of ​​what the device might look like and a possible name, as concept artist Antonia De Rosa called it Apple View. Now we’re also seeing several patent applications explaining Apple’s vision for this new mixed reality headset.

Apple patents for a new mixed reality headset were published today. These patents are filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office and mention specific features that may appear in this future Apple product. This Head-Mounted Display Unit with Customizable Facial Interface patent explains how its design elements can prevent the headset from moving when a person moves while providing a comfortable fit.

“The eye tracking system includes at least one eye tracking camera, an illumination source that emits infrared light in the direction of the user’s eyes, and diffraction gratings on the eyepieces. The diffraction gratings direct or reflect at least a portion of the infrared light reflected from the user’s eyes while transmitting visible light. The cameras capture images of the user’s eyes from the infrared light that is redirected or reflected by the diffraction gratings. “

There have been reports claiming that this new mixed reality headset comes with a mesh material that also provides amazing comfort for users. Other details mention the ability to get over a dozen cameras that would help achieve eye-tracking capabilities for a better experience, and 8K displays to make everything look as perfect as possible. This information would correspond to another patent published today. It’s called the “Eye Tracking System” and would work with another patent called “Electronic Tunable Lens Device” to use a new system to adjust and move the lenses. It is completely electronic and is controlled by actuators.

“Apple has worked for years on a technology that uses eye tracking to fully render only parts of the display that the user is looking at. This would allow the headset to display lower quality graphics in the peripheral vision of the user and reduce the computing requirements of the device, according to those knowledgeable of the effort. “

A patent called the 3D Document Editing System gives users the ability to pair their keyboard with the mixed reality headset so they can edit text and a feature that allows users to see the real world environment in the document editing software.

“The VR device can be configured to display a 3D GUI for text generation and editing in a virtual room that includes a virtual screen for entering or editing text in documents using a keyboard on the input device. In contrast to conventional graphical 2D user interfaces, embodiments of the 3D document processing system can be used to place or move a text area or a text field of a document at different Z depths in virtual 3D space. “

“In some embodiments, the VR device can also provide augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR) by combining computer-generated information with a view of the user environment to expand or add content to a user’s view of the world. In these embodiments, the GUI for creating and editing 3D text can be displayed in an AR or MR view of the user environment. “

Rumors have it that this new device could hit the market as soon as next year, and some have even given Apple’s mixed reality headset a possible price that could hit the $ 3,000 mark. This would put it up against the Microsoft HoloLens 2, which is currently priced at $ 3,500.

Source MacRumors

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