Volarious Sentry Mode for Drone Surveillance of Massive Occasions

Volarious Introduces Sentry Mode for Advanced Event Monitoring

Singapore-based Volarious, a developer of tethered drone technology, has unveiled a new feature known as Sentry Mode. This feature is specifically designed to enhance the situational awareness of Public Safety Officers during large events.

“Sentry Mode enables users to create and playback multiple livestream viewpoints from drones, offering an extended and continuous surveillance experience from various angles and zoom levels,” says a company press release. This innovative feature aims to address the challenges officers face during large events, such as the need to constantly switch between viewpoints.

By automating the process of adjusting viewpoints, officers can now focus entirely on the event footage, leading to quicker responses to any incidents. “Sentry Mode addresses this limitation by capturing and looping multiple livestream viewpoints, ensuring officers have a comprehensive overview of the entire scene while focusing on analysing and deploying teams with clear objectives,” the press release adds.

Furthermore, Sentry Mode allows officers to return to specific viewpoints seamlessly, enhancing their understanding of crowd movements within the event area.

Operating with single-pilot control, Sentry Mode provides a continuous and stable perspective, capturing every moment flawlessly. When used in conjunction with Volarious’ tethered system, Vline Pro, it offers unlimited flight time, thereby providing uninterrupted monitoring capabilities.

This feature gives officers an advantage in managing large events, allowing them to capture and loop views of specific areas for a better understanding of the overall situation, leading to prompt and informed decision-making.

Volarious reaffirms its commitment to advancing public safety through its technology with the introduction of Sentry Mode. The company continues to innovate and develop solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by Public Safety Officers.

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