Volansi Maritime Cargo Supply by drone

On July 18, Volansi, the industry leader in point-to-point autonomous drone delivery services (VTOL) completed the first autonomous ocean freight delivery by unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAS) between two US government moving ships off the coast of Key West, Florida.

The ocean freight deliveries were completed on three separate flights. The first two were completed with the VOLY 10 series, which can lift up to 10 pounds of cargo over 42 miles. These flights started from an expedition transporter of the Military Sealift Command and led 15 nautical miles to the cutter William Trump of the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The third flight was completed by the VOLY 20 series, which has a range of 350 miles and an average cruising speed of 75 miles per hour and can carry up to 20 pounds of cargo. The VOLY 20 completed a mile-long flight in wind speeds of up to 32 km / h to its landing point, the USCG Panga, before successfully returning.

With its UAS VTOL fleet, Volansi aims to remove restrictions imposed by remote locations and harsh environments. These factors often make critical missions, such as delivering critical supplies or gathering information, difficult, if not impossible. Due to the runway independence, the small operating area and even the ability to transport cargo and sensors at the same time on some models, the Volansi fleet is able to overcome these obstacles.

“This is a remarkable milestone that signals a bright future for autonomous freight delivery,” said CEO Dr. Will Roper. “Volansi is the first to deliver cargo from UAS systems with ISR capability from a government ship with a single ground control station. With its state-of-the-art VTOL capabilities, Volansi is well positioned to deliver critical cargo to our defense customers for time sensitive missions to save time, money and lives. We look forward to expanding our fleet to deliver heavier payloads and travel further distances in the near future. “

This is just the latest in a series of accomplishments for Volansi, who previously made advances in cargo delivery and medical care and whose defense subsidiary has been selected by the US Air Force to join the Skyborg Vanguard program.

Volansi will be exhibiting at Sea-Air-Space, the Navy League’s Global Maritime Exposition, this week. The company will exhibit multiple UAS, and Roper and co-founder, CTO Hannan Parvizian, will showcase the company’s innovations and technologies that led to these successful demonstrations.

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