vHive Asset Digitization 2023 Frost and Sullivan Award

Today, vHive, a global market leader specializing in enterprise asset digitization, announced it has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a recipient of the 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award. This award recognizes vHive as a leading Digital Twins software solution provider for multiple industries, including telecom, renewable energy, and cranes, based on its years of technology innovation and proven success with enterprise customers worldwide.

vHive has been at the forefront of asset digitization technology from their inception, offering a comprehensive solution that delivers the business insights customers are looking for without the complicated workflow issues that many piecemeal solutions present.  vHive’s automated data capture uses commercial off the shelf (COTS) drones: the platform processes and delivers usable data, designed to solve customer problems.  Frost & Sullivan called out their customer-centric approach in their report on the win.

“vHive leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver complete digital transformation of enterprise assets, enabling automated inspection, advanced analytics, simulation, and survey planning. With state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, a powerful digitization platform, autonomous data capture using proprietary Auto Discovery™ software, and a robust Digital Twin solution, the company provides customers with a comprehensive and reliable asset digitization solution that produces actionable insights, improves decision-making, maximizes productivity, and optimizes asset value,” says a company announcement.

“We’re honored to have vHive’s innovative technology recognized by Frost & Sullivan with this award” said Yariv Geller, CEO of vHive. “Since vHive’s inception, our focus has been on providing a scalable enterprise solution that is easy to use. We view technology as a vehicle that enables anyone in the organization to perform otherwise impossibly complex tasks. By prioritizing a customer-centric approach and leveraging our development expertise, we deliver cutting-edge cloud-based solutions that create value for our customers.”

Frost & Sullivan uses an analytical approach to evaluating entrants in the category.  Their researchers found that vHive’s demonstrated commitment to innovation and creativity, and its ability to launch new solutions with multiple applications, made it the best price/performance player in the space.

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