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Skyportz Unveils Innovative Vertistop™ Vertiport Design at Dubai Airshow

In an announcement at the Dubai Airshow, Skyportz, in collaboration with Contreras Earl Architecture and Arup, has unveiled its latest modular sustainable vertiport design – the Skyportz Vertistop™. This innovative design aims to revolutionize urban mobility by addressing the need for compact and affordable public vertiports in densely populated areas.


Clem Newton-Brown, CEO of Skyportz, highlighted the significance of the Vertistop™ in filling a crucial gap in the market. The design caters to property developers seeking to integrate vertiports into existing urban landscapes, with a focus on compactness and affordability.

“We have in our stable of designs, a large public vertiport, a smaller public waterfront vertiport, and a tiny ‘Vertiport in Box’ for private usage. With this Skyportz Vertistop™ design, we are filling a gap for a public vertistop that is compact and affordable for property developers wanting to bolt on a vertiport to their existing sites,” said Newton-Brown.

The key feature of the Vertistop™ is its adaptability to various locations, such as rooftops, carparks, or any space with a minimum of 30×30 meters. The modular design and small footprint make it suitable for retrofitting existing buildings, ensuring minimal construction costs.

Newton-Brown emphasized the role of compact vertistops in the Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem, stating, “Simple set down and pick up vertistops in prime locations will have a huge role to play in an Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem.”

Designed for quick turnarounds and high throughput, the Vertistop™ focuses on minimizing construction costs through modular design. Charging facilities will be provided as a backup at some locations, with the goal of encouraging quick turnarounds and enabling more passenger destinations closer to urban centers.

Rafael Contreras, Director of Contreras Earl Architecture, highlighted the sustainability aspect of the Vertistop™. The building features a high-performance roof with an aluminum monocoque structure, similar to those used in the manufacturing of cars and aircraft.

“In embracing the latest technology, we are liberated from traditional building practices and forms, free to explore more forward-thinking ideas. We are excited to be working together with Arup and Skyportz in the development of this innovative infrastructure and what it means for the future of a clean and green mode of transportation,” stated Contreras.

Arup’s Sustainable Buildings Leader, Richard Vincent, emphasized the importance of circular economy principles, climate resilience, and zero emissions in designing infrastructure for future transportation modes.

“Infrastructure and buildings facilitating these innovative transportation modes must be designed with circular economy principles, climate resilience, and zero emissions to achieve the best possible results for our planet and local communities alike,” said Vincent.

As the aviation industry focuses on decarbonization through electric-powered flight, the Vertistop™ represents a commitment to sustainability in ground-based infrastructure, aligning with the expectations of an increasingly eco-conscious community.

Skyportz and Contreras Earl Architecture are actively seeking global construction partners to manufacture and install their Vertistop™ designs under license, signaling a global shift towards sustainable urban mobility solutions.

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