USB-C Docking Station for Tesla


This USB-C Docking Station for Tesla is a perfect fit for the central control interface of Tesla Model 3 2021-2023. Its modular design seamlessly integrates with the sliding covers and storage boxes, offering convenience and functionality. With four ports including two fast charging cables, a USB-A port, and a USB-C port, this docking station is compatible with smartphones, tablets, gamepads, PCs, and digital cameras. The cables consist of one USB-C and one Lightning cable, both easily retractable. It also efficiently charges your devices up to four times faster than car wireless charging, thanks to its 27W fast charging. Made of durable ABS material with shock absorption and anti-collision features, it is easy to clean and built to last. The installation is made easy, without the need for disassembly or damage to the center control, ensuring a perfect fit on the Tesla Model Y center USB console.

  • Ultra-fast. Charges your devices faster than the original car wireless charging
  • Simultaneous charging. Charges 4 devices at the same time
  • Premium quality material. Made of durable ABS material with shock absorption & anti-collision
  • Easy to install. No need to disassemble or destroy the center control, just a simple operation can be completed!
  • Best gift choice. A perfect gift for Tesla owners
  • Modular design. Does not affect the use of sliding covers & storage boxes


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