Unmanned helicopter carries 65 kg payload

ANAVIA joins the drone industry from a productive legacy. The company was founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of the CONNOVA Group, a global developer and manufacturer of carbon composite products for the aerospace and motorsport sectors. The HT-100 unmanned helicopter is ANAVIA’s first product for the drone industry: a vertical take-off and landing system (VTOL) large enough to ensure a high payload (65 kg or approx. 140 pounds) and a long flight duration . ANAVIA says they are targeting the HT-100 to customers in the surveying, surveillance, logistics, defense and more.

The ANAVIA is designed for safety and has several redundancies, including a backup motor. Due to the flight time of 240 minutes and the high payload, the unmanned helicopter HT-100 belongs to a different category than many delivery drones. However, the company points out that the HT-100 is an affordable alternative to manned helicopter flights. “The low flight and maintenance costs as well as the high compatibility with the most common sensor and payload systems for a large number of applications make the HT-100 an economical alternative to conventional helicopters,” says the announcement.

The HT-100 has been certified by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation. ANAVIA offers a full service solution for aircraft: training, system maintenance, servicing, inspection, repair and customer service. As the demand for solutions for drone delivery and long-range surveillance and inspection applications increases, ANAVIA’s unmanned helicopter concept could be a compelling option for advanced applications currently being carried out by manned aircraft.

“With the HT-100, ANAVIA is entering the growing UAV market at exactly the right time,” says the announcement.

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