Uncover the mobility robotic from the ground by XPONENTIAL 2021

At today’s Xponential 2021 keynote speech in Atlanta, one speaker didn’t have to worry about COVID. Spot®, the mobility robot from Boston Dynamics, had a place on the stage – accompanied by Boston Dynamics Channel Sales Manager Tim Dykstra.

Spot offers mobility like no robot you’ve seen before, and Dykstra explains that because of this, the company moved from robots with wheels or caterpillars to models with legs. “The world is a complex place,” said Dystra, “and largely developed for humans.” Legged robots can navigate this world better – and Spot proves that its value goes far beyond the video star. “Spot has developed an incredibly diverse range of applications since it was first launched,” says Dykstra. “Spot did a lot of real work.”

During the keynote speech, Spot walked down the center aisle of the exhibition hall, up the steps of the stage and bowed – and the ease and flexibility that the Spot robot demonstrated shows that Boston Dynamics’ concept of a mobility robot is revolutionary.

These stairs show exactly what distinguishes Spot, a legged robot, from conventional caterpillar or wheeled robots. How does Spot do it? “It depends on its perception,” says Dykstra, explaining that the robot is equipped with stereo cameras on all sides that capture the environment and move accordingly – to go up stairs, for example, the operator simply presses the forward button, but than that Robot approaches the stairs, he knows how to navigate them.

There are a wide variety of use cases for Spot: and it has an open API for a wide variety of payloads. Boston Dynamic’s spot robot can be used for bomb detection, nuclear inspection, delivery, and autonomous rounds and measurements on oil rigs. Spot saves companies huge downtime and saves lives by entering places that are unsafe for human resources.

And Spot can dance.

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