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uAvionix Unveils Line-Up of Multi-Frequency C2 Solutions

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Avionics company uAvionix has announced new offerings for Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Command and Control (C2). Leading the SkyLine C2 management platform ecosystem is muLTElink, which combines LTE technology with broadcast radio frequency (RF) radios to enable dynamic selection of the optimal radio link at any time. muLTElink integrates with the uAvionix SkyLine C2 management platform to create a self-healing C2 network proficient in Path Diversity and Link Diversity.

There are two models of muLTElink Airborne Radio Systems (ARS): muLTElink915, which combines globally licensed aviation LTE with frequency hopping 902-928MHz ISM capability, and muLTElink5060, which combines global LTE with aviation protected 5030-5091MHz C Band for C-band license -holding customers. Each model allows for the connection of an external CNPC radio to enable simultaneous use of all three frequency ranges, higher power C Band operations or future radio integrations. SkyLine combines available C2 links and oversees the quality of all enabled links.

uAvionix’s former line of microLink and SkyLink ARS radios have been updated and rebranded as part of the SkyLink ARS line. All SkyLink ARS are able to operate as point-to-point radios or integrate with muLTElink and SkyLine for managed C2 operations. The microLink has been renamed SkyLink915micro, and SkyLink915 features a more durable form and Lemo connector.

SkyLink5060micro and SkyLink5060 both provide 100mW and 10W 5030-5091MHz aviation protected C Band CNPC options. uAvionix is ​​able to assist integrators in obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals for operating C Band radios. SkyLink5060micro and SkyLink5060 meet the standards set by RTCA DO-362A and the FAA’s draft TSO-C213a, and are expected to obtain similar validated TSO’s from other regulators.

The company has additionally renamed its GRS radios under the SkyLink banner, while also introducing two new portable options featuring LTE backhaul to the SkyLine platform.

skyStation915POE and skyStation5060POE have been rebranded skyStation2 and SkyLink GRS respectively, with both offering a comprehensive weatherproof transmitter/receiver and antenna connected to SkyLine or your Ground Control Station (GCS) through a Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP connection.

The portable, battery powered skyStation915LTE and skyStation5060LTE offer GRS capability and make use of LTE as the backhaul mechanism to connect to SkyLine and the user’s GCS. These solutions use common batteries available at most hardware stores.

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