Twin sensor know-how from Visible Intelligence

Visual Intelligence offers patented dual sensor technology in combination with software and analysis to provide drone data in the millimeter class. Thanks to a new partnership, the inspection specialists ARE will now provide services in the field of rail and supply technology on the basis of the newly activated solution.

There is no doubt that drone technology has become an important tool for infrastructure inspections. For technical applications, however, a new level of accuracy of the drone data is required. That is the goal of the Visual Intelligence solution: a combination of dual sensor technology, collection management software and a powerful analysis engine. According to a recent press release:

Visual Intelligence is the first uniform drone platform with which the physical infrastructure can be digitized with millimeter precision. With data that is 10 to 20 times more accurate than mobile lidar technologies and 50 to 100 times more accurate than commercial drones with a camera, this new class of drone data opens the door to an unexplored category of offerings that include technical workflows and benefit analysis enable the entire life cycle of an asset.

The new partnership will bring the Visual Intelligence solution to market. “Visual Intelligence will work with ARE to collect engineering data sets for infrastructures such as railways, bridges and utilities to better analyze structures and offer customers unparalleled services,” the press release said.

“ARE’s knowledge of infrastructure lifecycles, proven technical expertise and advanced approaches to solving customer challenges are a natural addition to our technology in the rail and utility industry,” said Ted Miller, Founder of Visual Intelligence and former Chairman, CEO of Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI). “This partnership currently provides UAS solutions in 27 states and will bring the value of millimeter-class data to rail and bridge analysis across the country.”

ARE becomes part of the Visual Intelligence Provider Ecosystem, a global network of partnerships that provides proprietary access to sensors and software to help partners turn drone surveys into engineering-quality accuracy and new forms of automation, maintenance efficiency and Enable engineering analysis.

“We believe this new class of drone data will address an underserved but fundamental part of infrastructure management – the engineering department,” said Dave Anderson, PE, ARE CEO. “With technical precision, we will exploit the full potential of digital twins, artificial intelligence and inspection automation and put our customers on a path to success in the new age of digital infrastructure.”

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