Turtle Seaside Elite Atlas Aero Wi-fi Stereo Gaming Headset for PC with Waves Nx 3D Audio (Refurbished)


The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is the ultimate high-performance wireless headset for PC gamers and streamers alike. Whether dominating the battlefield, streaming your favorite game, or simply just enjoying content, Elite Atlas Aero is built for the complete wireless PC audio experience providing a vast, customizable sound-stage. Access Turtle Beachs Control Studio, an all-new, desktop software suite that enables a multitude of features to customize your audio including Waves Nx 3D Audio and the PC-optimized Superhuman Hearing from Waves, a Grammy winning innovator of state-of-the-art audio software. Powerful 50mm Nanoclear speakers and a high-sensitivity microphone deliver crisp sound and crystal-clear chat for focused immersion. Built with comfort and durability in mind, the Elite Atlas Aero features a sleek metal floating headband, exclusive Pro Specs Glasses Relief system, and includes a rechargeable 30-hour battery, so you can stay in the game or on stream even longer.


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