Toshiba invests in Fortem Applied sciences

Tech giant Toshiba and Fortem Technologies, Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to expand the reach of both companies in the drone counter-technology space.

Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions (Toshiba) has invested $ 15 million in Fortem, a leading provider of airspace security and drone defense. The investment is part of a strategic business alliance: Toshiba and Fortem Technologies will integrate their complementary counter-drone solutions.

“The Fortem SkyDome® system is a high-precision drone detection solution based on Fortem TrueView® radars that is easy to install and effective in urban environments. Fortem DroneHunter® is also part of the system and is an autonomous AI-enabled drone that can be used to safely detect and remove rogue drones day and night, ”says a press release from Fortem.

“Toshiba has already launched a drone detection system that can determine the direction and altitude of a drone’s entrance by receiving radio waves emitted by the drone in flight. Toshiba is also strengthening the drone security business through its own research and development of related products. “

“Toshiba is a world-renowned technical and sales powerhouse,” said Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies, Inc. “We are very excited to announce this alliance to accelerate the delivery of solutions to our customers who drive the disruptive innovation of ours Combining AI-enabled Fortem SkyDome system with Toshiba’s depth of commercial drone RF detection expertise and advanced radar technology, this partnership gives security professionals additional confidence in the airspace over their venues, locations and metro regions have to secure. “

Masaki Haruyama, Toshiba Vice President, said, “We are excited to partner with Fortem, a pioneering counter-drone solutions provider with a proven detection system and a unique and highly effective damage control system. Toshiba has long been a leader in radar technology. With the perfectly complementary technologies and products of the two companies, we are confident that we can become a global top player in a rapidly growing market and contribute to safer and more reliable facilities. “

Fortem Technologies has formed several strategic partnerships in recent years and expanded its reach worldwide as the main infrastructure moves beyond test systems to the implementation of airspace security and counter-drone systems.

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