Titan Professional Alpha Full Physique Therapeutic massage Chair


The CLASSIC Titan TP-Alpha has been thoughtfully engineered to provide comfort and support, yet delivering all the benefits of a full body L Track massage, that extends from the neck to the hamstrings. This innovative chair is fitted with Titan’s best features along with some new innovations, first-of-its-kind design, and functions.

  • 2D massage mechanism. Customizes massages to your body’s contours & targets specific muscle groups
  • L-Track. Follows the natural curvature of your spine, from your neck down to your glutes & hamstrings
  • Zero gravity reclining. Optimized massage that promotes deep relaxation & minimizes stress on the spine and muscles
  • Space-saving. Makes it suitable for a variety of room sizes
  • Lumbar heat therapy. Soothing warmth to relax & loosen tight muscles in the lower back area
  • Specialized foot massage. Targets pressure points & tension in the feet
  • Surround sound Bluetooth speakers. Therapeutic audio experience with your favorite music or soothing sounds


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