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This new dashcam from Nextbase is a very sensible related cookie

When it comes to in-car tech, the top dashcams are essential for keeping you safe. Whether it’s against accidents or break-ins to your motor, a dashcam gives you extra peace of mind by keeping an eye on things. But storing footage on a card is so last decade. Luckily, Nextbase has the solution with its new iQ connected in-car camera.

The Nextbase iQ dashcam is one of the smartest and most connected options kicking about. Alongside its suite of top security features (more on this later), the dashcam is connected at all times via LTE. This mobile connectivity gives you real-time access from anywhere at any time, letting you keep an eye on your vehicle.

But this dashcam wouldn’t be much use without plenty of smart features, in addition to recording footage. Smart Sense Parking scans the surrounding areas of your vehicle for dangers or obstacles, with the Nextbase iQ then sending these to your smartphone. The voice-activated Witness Mode instantly saves recordings to the cloud, or sends them to an emergency contact in the event of an accident. Finally, Live View lets you watch footage from the dashcam in real-time from your smartphone.

Ready to smarten up your car’s security? The Nextbase iQ dashcam is available to order directly from the brand from £349. You can also get your hands on the in-car gadget in retail stores such as Halfords.

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